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01 Jan 2000

Privacy Information

Visitor statistics

This domain collects standard visitor statistics: visited URL, referring URL, time, user agent, and country. The IP address is saved hashed, so it can't be recovered. In addition the hash includes the date, so if you have a static IP, it is still not possible to track repeat visits on different days. No cookies or third party tracking tools are used.

Third parties

This domain does not use social media code snippets that would enable Facebook, Twitter etc. to track visitors. (Social media icons are just links using graphics hosted locally.) Any JS code or other files are hosted either on or, not google or another third party that might misuse these files for tracking.


All information sent with a comment is optional; anonymous comments are possible.

Emails and what they are used for

Giving an email address when leaving a comment is optional. They are saved encrypted, and are never displayed anywhere on the website, or given or sold to other parties, or used for marketing of any kind.

I do my best to keep email addresses safe, you won't sue me if yours gets stolen from me anyway. Fair? I think so.

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