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15 Aug 2008

Hamster Dragons

I'd been wanting to try to sculpt the Hamster Dragon for a while. I first made the one in the background (the biggest one, 3.5 cm tall). The colours were a bit too cool, and I wasn't happy with the messed up ears and feet. The small one in the top left I made from scraps I had leftover, and didn'T even try to add haunches and arms, and considering that, it turned out OK; I'd only prefer bright red clay as eyes rather than the dark-looking glass bead. The one at the front looked very good at the start, but in the process of adding the legs I squished the head. On the fourth I finally got the idea that it would be a good idea to put he fragile ears on last. It went something like this: First body, then add feet, then add haunches (I'd change that next time, or just sculpt the haunches out of the body) and tail, then hands and arms, then eyes, then scales, then ears and spike on tail. Material for all three was Fimo Soft polymere clay, plus glass beads for eyes for the first two, plus a small wire loop on the second and last to turn them into charms.
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