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07 Oct 2018

A Personal Update

Updates have been kinda thin recenlty, but I wanted to say hi, and mention what I was and will be up to.

Drawing hasn't been happening as much as I'd hoped, and writing not at all, so there wasn't much to post.

In better news, I've been working on getting more organised with day-to-day life. I hope this will lead to more space and a better mental space to be more creative. I mean, if my living space and desk are tidy, it's easier to get out art supplies and work on something both because there is space for them, and because I won't have "but I should be cleaning" in the back of my head.

Something that helped me a lot with getting organised is my bullet journal. You may have heard about it next to photos of elaborately decorated pages, but all the decoration is facultative, and I've got one of the mostly pragmatic ones. I like the system a lot because you can set things up however you like, try out things, and drop what doesn't work, so it gets better suited to my needs every new journal, or even every month. If you're curious, I think the best introduction is the introductory video on the official website

For the future here I have in mind catching up with posting those sketches that I did draw. There also is a comment system in the works. So, I hope to be talking to you soon(ish).

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